Design Services

Our core competency is Industrial Design for consumer products (aka "product design"), with special emphasis on visual brand language (VBL) and user experience (UX) design. Our job is to find design solutions that are unique, thoughtful, practical, and fun.

Design services include sketching and idea generation, sketch modeling and rapid prototyping, CAD design and development, direct collaboration with your Mechanical Engineering and manufacturing resources, Class-A Surfacing and final product definition, packaging design, virtual photography, turntables, and 3D animation.

3D CAD Services

Whether you have a napkin sketch of a product idea or a full mechanical layout, we offer CAD solutions to help define and document even the most complex exterior surfacing.

Our primary Mechanical CAD (MCAD) tool is SolidWorks, and we have extensive experience with other tools including Rhino, CATIA, UGNX, and Alias, and we are always trying new tools to streamline our process.

Virtual Photography Services

We bring products to life through virtual photography for design review, pitch presentations, and even for packaging and advertising press. With over a decade of experience in the product design world, we understand how visualization fits into the broader product design cycle.

If you have detailed 3D CAD data in any form, we can use it. If you don't, we can make it for you.

Efficient Processes

We've spent year-after-obsessive-year working with clients and partners to hone every minute detail of our craft, from our deep knowledge of industry-standard CAD systems to a rich technical knowledge of VFX 3D and compositing techniques.  

By mixing, matching, and custom-developing our own software tools and processes, we've built systems capable of efficiently managing all types of visualization challenges.


Industry Experts, Real Humans

We really love this stuff--quite possibly to an unhealthy extent. But we also love our families, hobbies, and thumb-twiddling down-time. In fact, we think the best work comes out of well-rested, well-rounded people. We're not a creative sweat-shop, and we never will be.

Mechanical Color began with popular productivity scripts and utilities for a 3D tool called MODO. (One of the many tools we use around here.) Today we continue to develop new tools in addition to design and visualization services.

"Color" or "Colour"?

To be consistent, we use American spellings on the site, but if it makes you feel better, you can use "mechanicalcolour.com" if you like. You're welcome.