The Cropper plugin for MODO is the missing ‘Crop’ tool for your renders. With Cropper you can zoom in on a small part of a high res render, fire off pixel-for-pixel test renders at the final resolution, and even save those crop regions so you can get back to them on demand. A must-have for pretty much anyone who renders complex scenes in MODO.

Requirements: modo 902 or later


  • Cropper Tools added to the MODO Modes bar, including quick access to MODO’s ‘Render Region’ tool, toggle render region, focal length tool, the multi-function ‘Cropper’ button, and a crops list.
  • Only One Button Required to create a crop or to jump in and out of the most recently created crop.
  • Crops Saved for Later as passes in a pass group, making it easy to jump back to previously created areas of interest without needing to redefine them.
  • Quick access to crops via the pinnable crop lister popover.
  • Any Aspect Ratio can be used in a crop; no need to match the final render’s aspect ratio.
  • 1:1 Pixel Previews of final images, ideal for testing areas of high-res images at actual resolution–no zooming required.
  • Works with any camera, even rigged or locked ones.
  • Clean up everything with one click when you're done.


  • v801-140915 – Hot out of the oven.
  • v801-140929 – Added code to deal with locked camera items.
  • v801-141006 – Added alt-click on crop button to crop with suppressed dialog. Added alt-click on region button to disable current region. Fixed a bug that kept the crop button from exiting an existing crop properly 
  • v801-141116 – Switched to using filmback settings rather than focal length for more accurate depth of field in 
  • v801-150527 - Updated to allow use in 901, no functional updates.
  • v901.1.1 - Complete rewrite using TD SDK for speed and reliability. No longer affects user selections during crop operation. Fixes a few small bugs along the way.
  • v902.2.0 - Complete overhaul (again), including loads of new features: region toggle, focal length tool, crop lister, and support for rigged and locked cameras.


Manually installing kits in MODO is ridiculously simple.

Install a Kit

  1. Open MODO
  2. Menubar > System > Open Content Folder
  3. Drop kit folder into the ‘Kits’ folder
  4. Restart MODO

Disable a Kit (temporarily)

  1. Open MODO
  2. Menubar > System > Kit Toggle Enable > (Kit Name)
  3. Restart MODO

Uninstall a Kit

  1. Open MODO
  2. Menubar > System > Open Content Folder
  3. Open ‘Kits’ folder
  4. Remove kit from Kits folder
  5. Restart MODO