Metermade is a collection of one-click live-updating dimension tools for modeling in MODO. It makes dimensional precision in MODO insanely easy.

Requirements: MODO 801 or later


  • Metermade Popover menu adds itself to the MODO Modes bar.
  • Live Dimensions update as you model, so you always know how your modeling changes affect critical dimensions.
  • Rearrange Dimensions so that they are out of your way while modeling, and look nice on screen.
  • Plugin Not Required to view dimensions. Once dimensions have been added, any MODO install can use them, even if the plugin is not installed.
  • 3D Distance dimensions measure the straight-line distance from one point to another in 3D space.
  • X, Y, and Z Distance dimensions measure the distance between two points along a given axis. (NOTE: Always measures world axes by default, but can also measure local axes simply by parenting the dimension’s root locator to the mesh item in question.)
  • 3D Angle dimensions measure an angle defined by three points in 3D space.
  • X, Y, and Z Angle dimensions measure an angle defined by three points around a given axis. (NOTE: Same caveat as X, Y, Z Distance above.)
  • Scale to Known Dimension scales an entire mesh item’s contents such that the two selected vertices are a given distance apart–perfect for scaling existing models to match a known physical dimension.
  • Hide/Show Dimensions globally sets visibility for all dimensions at once.
  • Delete Dimension deletes any currently-selected dimension(s).
  • Delete All Dimensions blasts all dimensions from a scene at once.
  • Edit Rig Masters (Advanced users only) These dimensions are really just fancy MODO rigs designed to display nicely on screen. If you’re the type who knows a thing or two about rigging in MODO–and you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and dive in–you we’re providing the master scene file from which our rigs were created. Modify the rigs, click a single “export” button, and all of the rig presets will be updated to include your changes. Please excuse me while I GEEK THE *&%$ OUT. Sorry.


  • v801-141110 – Fresh as a new born babe.


These are a few things we’d like to add in the future, though we have no idea when. Is there a feature you’d like to see in a future version? Let us know!

  • Ability to add two-poly angle dimensions.
  • Custom item types instead of rigs could allow us to use subdivision meshes for measurements rather than just the cage positions, but come at the cost of requiring all users to have the plugin in order to see the dimensions. Not sure about that one.
  • Ability to retarget individual vertices to replace input verts.
  • Ability to “Scale to Known Dimension” on selected polys, not just entire mesh.
  • Drop all new dimension objects into a group locator or, possibly, make them children of the input mesh.
  • Click a dimension to edit its value and move points accordingly. Would be amazing to work with falloffs and selections.
  • Ability to measure distance between items.


Manually installing kits in MODO is ridiculously simple.

Install a Kit

  1. Open MODO
  2. Menubar > System > Open Content Folder
  3. Drop kit folder into the ‘Kits’ folder
  4. Restart MODO

Disable a Kit (temporarily)

  1. Open MODO
  2. Menubar > System > Kit Toggle Enable > (Kit Name)
  3. Restart MODO

Uninstall a Kit

  1. Open MODO
  2. Menubar > System > Open Content Folder
  3. Open ‘Kits’ folder
  4. Remove kit from Kits folder
  5. Restart MODO