Tagger helps you manage materials, parts, and selection sets like a pro. A major workflow enhancement for anyone assigning material tags in MODO, especially with large datasets like CAD imports.



Tagger adds over 35 commands to MODO for managing materials, parts, selection sets, and shader tree masks. It's our biggest, most powerful plugin to date.

Quick Preset Popup: Quickly assign a useful material preset to a poly selection in one click.

Existing Masks Popup: Quickly assign an existing material mask to a poly selection in one click, including the new searchable popups in MODO 10.2

Set Material auto (M): Assigns item masks when in item selection mode, and material tags when in component selection modes.

Set Material by Tag: Like MODO's default "M for Material" dialog, but faster and more capable. Allows for masking by any tag type (material, part, or selection set), material presets, and a powerful selection scope setting for easily flooding the existing tags with the new tag.

Set Material by Island: Quickly assign material tags to each polygon island in a mesh.

Set Material by Item: Quickly assign item masks to each of the selected items.

Set Material by Group: Create a group, add the selected items to it, and create a mask in the shader tree for it. Perfect for assigning materials to large numbers of high-poly CAD objects.

Tag Copy/Paste (ctrl+shift+C / V): Copy and paste polygon tags from one poly to another. Copy even works with shader tree masks: select a shader tree mask, hit ctrl+shift+c, then select a poly and ctrl+shift+v. Boom.

Apply Recent Tag (shift+M): Keep track of your top 10 most recently-used material tags and assign them with a click.

Flood select by tag: Expand the current poly selection to include all connected polys that share the same material, part, or selection set. Incredibly fast and convenient for selecting and replacing material tags, and even more so when selecting CAD faces.

Select all by tag: You'll never need the "Info & Statistics" panel again! Select a poly, then this command will select all polys that share the same material, part or selection set.

Convert tag type: When working with imported data, sometimes useful tags are stored as part or selection set tags. Convert allows you to convert those tags to something more useful, like a material tag. Convert materials to parts or selection sets. Convert parts to materials or selection sets. Convert selection sets to materials or parts.

Find/Replace: Find and replace a given tag within a scene. This is especially powerful when combined with macros for quickly re-applying tags to imported CAD data.

Mask Unmasked Tags: Adds a random color to each un-masked tag in the scene, allowing you to see at a glance what tags are available, and correct as necessary. Works for materials, parts, and selection sets.

Remove Unmasked Tags: When you're done adding masks, delete those pesky leftover material tags. Great for cleaning up and optimizing scenes for maximum performance.

Cleanup Shader Tree: Deletes useless and empty material masks from the shader tree.

Remove All Tags: Quickly remove all material, part, or selection set tags from an item selection (or the entire scene). Great for optimizing performance on CAD imports, where many thousands of part tags can bog MODO down.

Tag Inspector: Displays a list of commands based on the current polygon selection, one for each tag in the selection. Not sure what tags have been assigned to a given poly? Tag Inspector will not only display those tags, but let you quickly expand the selection to include other polys with the same tags.


Apply from Selected Mask: Select some polygons, then alt-middle-click on a shader tree mask to apply it. It even works in reverse: select a shader tree mask, then alt-middle-click on a polygon selection. Beauty.

Proper MODO commands: Each command in Tagger is a full-fledged MODO command, just like any other command in MODO. This means they're 100% compatible with macros, scripting, and other plugins. The code is delivered in clean, concise, human-readable code so that technical directors can make maximal use of Tagger as a pipeline tool. Tagger commands are implemented with 20px and 32px icons, localizable config-based Command Help with tooltips and button names.

Tagger was a represents a huge effort. Many thanks for your support.


Manually installing kits in MODO is ridiculously simple.

Install a Kit

  1. Open MODO
  2. Menubar > System > Open Content Folder
  3. Drop kit folder into the ‘Kits’ folder
  4. Restart MODO

Disable a Kit (temporarily)

  1. Open MODO
  2. Menubar > System > Kit Toggle Enable > (Kit Name)
  3. Restart MODO

Uninstall a Kit

  1. Open MODO
  2. Menubar > System > Open Content Folder
  3. Open ‘Kits’ folder
  4. Remove kit from Kits folder
  5. Restart MODO