Newly updated for MODO 902, Zen is a popular collection of toolbars and layouts to make your workflow faster, more fluid, and generally more awesome. Its main feature is the 'V' key, which brings up Zen’s comprehensive hand-crafted tool palette. The newly added 'G' key provides quick access to floating palettes.

Requirements: MODO 902 or later


ZEN IS IN BETA - I'm in the process of reworking Zen for use with modo 902 and above. That process involves stripping out much of what was there before and replacing it piece by piece. Let me know if you see any issues.

  • One Toolbox – You’re going to love the ‘V’ key. It brings up a single toolbox–the same toolbox found in every tab in the Zen UI–for clean, consistent access to a logical, task-oriented toolbox. Every tool in MODO is available under the mouse with a single keystroke. NEW: The Zen toolbox now includes the modo modes bar (and modes tail!) at the top, so it's available to you even in the sparsest layout imaginable.
  • Floating Palettes - The 'G' key gives you quick access to all of your favorite modo palettes from any layout, anytime.
  • Clean Universal Layout - The power of the zen toolbox makes traditional modo layouts unnecessary. One clean layout for modeling, retopology, rigging, animation, and rendering. It's a beautiful thing.
  • Little Stuff - Hit 'enter' to rename things in the items list and shader tree. Hit ctrl+D to duplicate in the shader tree. Niggling preferences, settings, shortcuts, all carefully preset for maximum awesome.


  • v801-140804 – Launch for 801
  • v801-140823 – Improved ‘Render’ tab in tools palette, added snapping toggle to modes bar, added many new options to the ‘palettes’ drop down.
  • v801-140825 – Added ‘Select Open Edges’ to ‘Special’ tab in Selection palette. ‘Selection’ drop in modes bar now has alt+click to open static palette.
  • v902.0.2 - Completely reworked, stripped to bare essentials.
  • v902.1.0 - Completely reworked (again), stripped and re-built for thorough 902 compatibility. Un-bundled certain functionality that will be included as separate kits (Tabby Cat, Weight Lifter, Neat Freak, and Tagger).


These are a few things we’d like to add in the future, though we have no idea when. Is there a feature you’d like to see in a future version? Let us know!

  • Scripts like ‘Super Mesh Cleanup’ and ‘Fix Symmetry’ will be broken off into a separate plugin
  • More detailed tooltips across the board
  • Full documentation, including custom MODO training
  • Overhauled/expanded custom icons


Manually installing kits in MODO is ridiculously simple.

Install a Kit

  1. Open MODO
  2. Menubar > System > Open Content Folder
  3. Drop kit folder into the ‘Kits’ folder
  4. Restart MODO

Disable a Kit (temporarily)

  1. Open MODO
  2. Menubar > System > Kit Toggle Enable > (Kit Name)
  3. Restart MODO

Uninstall a Kit

  1. Open MODO
  2. Menubar > System > Open Content Folder
  3. Open ‘Kits’ folder
  4. Remove kit from Kits folder
  5. Restart MODO